I go to dial a friend and it sounds like phone is out of order

What phone do you have? Moto G 5 Plus

What plan are you on? My Choice Talk and Text + 3 GB Cell Data

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? # GB Cell Data

Issue Description

OK, Not going to be easy… I’ve been a customer with RW since 2013. I had a Moto X I just recently transferred (Activated) my Phone # emails to the MotoG5 Plus on 4/18/18. All worked fine, at first. For the past two weeks or so I try to make a call and I get a sound that the call won’t go through, but keeps dialing and may or may not connect. Sometimes it does connect. All the people I call tell me my phone # doesn’t come up. I have a different # showing when I call them. I’m also having difficulty calling in areas I didn’t have problems. Someone, please help me. I went into settings and I think everything is opened for service. Wifi, cell, all opened. And all my bills are paid in full. :slight_smile: Help… Thank you in advance. Cynthia

Hi @cyn,

There are troubleshooting steps at the bottom of this article:

Please give those a try and let us know if the issues clear up. Some of your symptoms sound very much like the phone needs to refresh the Republic activation, which is on of the troubleshooting steps.

I’m unsure about this:

Do you mean you are now having problems in areas where you didn’t have trouble when you first activated the G5+, or do you mean you are now having problems in areas where you didn’t have trouble with you X1?

If it’s the former, let’s see if the troubleshooting steps help. If it’s the latter, you may need to ask our support team to re-evaluate your coverage and possibly supply a different SIM card.

Please hold off on that request, until you see how the troubleshooting steps affect your situation, though.

I had a similar problem this past weekend with my G5+. I dialed my daughter and got a beep as if the number was out of order. Redialed and got the sound again, but hung on and she finally answered. She told me that a strange number showed up on her CallerID and didn’t answer it initially. I wrote the number down and later checked, and it was the hidden GSM number stored in the phone. Strange? Then I checked the RW call log, and our 20 minute conversation did not appear. It was as if I didn’t make the call from RW, but from the GSM carrier instead.

I have tried to repeat this, but can’t. Apparently things are back to normal.

Thank you for reply, but I need help for it continues and calls aren’t getting through.

Hi @cyn,

It’s not clear from your reply whether you were replying to me or @davidw.ctd2jy. Were you able to try the steps I posted?

If your correct callerID isn’t coming through, doing the following may fix it:

Message an
Expert customer