I had a Moto E phone (with SIM card) that was damaged. I switched out the

BACKGROUND: I had a Moto E phone that was damaged. I switched out the SIM card into a Moto G. Was working fine. I dropped it into the pool and it became sluggish, with occasional difficulty with some functions. It stopped working entirely (refuses to charge.). Thus I need a new phone.

I am wondering if I could purchase, locally, one of the approved ‘bring your own phones’ and put the SIM card in for immediate access to phone service or if I will need to purchase a new SIM card package to be delivered in a few days.


Hi @christopherc.jxeayg,

Sorry to hear about your phones!

Unless the referenced Moto G is a Moto G4, you’ll need a Republic 3.0 SIM to pair with a locally sourced phone. You may want to read this before making the decision to source locally: Republic Wireless Coverage. Everything else one would want to know about Republic 3.0 here: Republic Wireless 3.0 FAQs.

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