I had to replace my phone, I had to upgrade my plan. Not hapy


My Moto E failed and I was forced to purchase an expensive phone, because non of the inexpensive phones work in my area. I am now paying more for my service and receiving exactly the same service as before. I am not very happy about any of it. A plan that costs me more, and an expensive phone I did not want. Had I not been recovering from a near fatal accident I most likely would not have continued with RW.

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Reach out to support, we can work with you on options. We are usually able to help especially when you are in dire need. We have lots of options we reserve only for members to help mitigate these problems. Lean on us we are very different than other carriers.


seanr, I did reach out when my Moto E kept telling me it was failing. I
contacted RW twice regarding phone costs and availability in my area. I
have never had data, my bill ended up being about $11. I still have no
data, and now pay a bit over $15, for the same exact plan I have had for
over 5 years with RW. My son had so many problems he left RW a while ago.
My daughter is happy with coverage in Saint Louis. I have purchased 7
phones for my family. All 3 of our Defy XT’s quit at the same time. They
were $250 each when purchased. My moto e was $100. That was ok. This new
one was not ok, and no one at RW did anything when I contacted them. dianeb


Did we offer you B-stock phones? There is not much we can do about the plans (they are what they are) but phones, we typically have options.


I was not offered any other phones. My previous plan was just fine, I
don’t understand why that would change because of a new unwanted phone


We should have offered that, as for the plan change, we have answered that too many times. It has to happen. Refund plans are not possible on the new phones.


Hi @dianeb,

I have moved your conversation with Sean to its own thread, since it’s not related to our My Choice announcement.

I’m sorry to read that you had a near-fatal accident, and I hope your recovery has gone well.

It sounds like you’re not happy with the new phone you bought and the new service. Are you within the 14-day return period?


Thank you, recovery will be a long time yet. I fell a story and broke many
body parts. So did not need to play with phones.
If a better priced phone were available, I would have been ok. It is not
a matter of being unhappy with the phone, it was not having options
Did not want to spend more for the same exact plan I had before the My
Choice. I had “my choice” and it was $11 a month. I’m older, used to
things lasting. The $250 Defy XT’s all quit around the same time. I had
purchased 3, for myself and kids. The Moto E failed also. There should be
a usable phone at a reasonable price. We are in Northern Wisconsin. After
over 5 years of RW, I would have hoped for it to be more mainstream up here.


I’m sorry to hear that you face a long recovery. I hope you have a many friends and family nearby to help you through this.

I’m going to review your account and ticket history and I’ll send you a DM (private message) to follow up to see if there is something more we can do. It will be later tonight before I can reply again, but please do not feel rushed to respond once I do.


My Moto X was damaged ( by me ) and the email I received with options included no phones I can buy today. Turns out if you drill down thru the (non-available options) you will find 1 single phone that I can buy and keep my program. Moto G5. So I have to buy a lesser phone, for the same money as I paid 3.5 years ago… yes, if your phone is working you are in a good place. Should anything go wrong though? RW will gladly cut you loose. Their main suggestion to me? Find a used phone and try and convert it.



Hi @charlenetcd ,

The Moto G5 will activate on the My Choice plan, just like all the phones we currently offer.

Our former plans are available only to the Republic Wireless Moto X (1st and 2nd Gen), Moto G (1st and 3rd Gen) and Moto E (1st and 2nd Gen), which are no longer available as new because they are no longer made by the manufacturer.

If you wish to maintain a plan that predates our 3.0 launch in July of 2016, the only way to do so is with a used phone. There is no phone you can buy and “convert.”

If you bought the phone you damaged from us, please ask in your support ticket whether any B-stock options are available. I’ll try to review your ticket to see what may have caused some of the confusion you’ve described above.


Hi @charlenetcd,

I’ve reviewed your support ticket and the information you were sent looks correct. If you need some additional help understanding the options, please don’t hesitate to ask questions. We’d very much like to help, here in Community or in the ticket, and it seems you may not have understood what was sent in the E-mail.

One option I did not see listed in the E-mail was the option to contact Motorola about an out-of-warranty repair. My daughter broke her Moto G (3rd Gen) and the repair fee from Motorola was $75. (They actually just replace it with a refurbished phone.) You could ask if that’s an option for your phone. Here’s the link to start: https://motorola-global-portal.custhelp.com/app/mcp/service


None actually, looking for a new carrier when RW was unable to offer any replacement for my broken phone. NONE…


Sorry to hear that…can you provide us some details as to which phone you have and how your phone broke? Are you currently without a phone? I’m assuming you already opened a help ticket?


Hi again, @charlenetcd,

I’ve moved your post from a different topic into this one so we can keep your conversation focused in one place.

@amitl, you’ll find the details in this thread, so we don’t have to have the conversation twice.


The phone is a MotoX 2014, I personally dropped it during the only day it did not live in an OtterBox cover… sadly, the mistake was fatal. I am without a phone, have very few options - HELP has told me there are only 2 models that I can use with my program. Both are now available used, but I have to be very careful to buy only the correct generation. I would like to keep my program and it is now clear I will be (likely) without a phone for a couple of weeks while I find a replacement - or decide to just give up and seek other options. RW is clear on all facts: I cannot get any of the new phones, and of used ones, there are strong limits to my options.

Yes I opened a help ticket, but they quickly told me that they have no answers where I keep my program.