I have 3 RW phones and want to swap 2 numbers around


My daughter has jumped ship and gone to Verizon (voice quality and connection issues). My son broke his RW phone and wants to buy/use my daughter’s since the phone is bonded to RW. Is there a way to transfer one serviced phone number to another? If so, I will do that and then cancel my daughter’s service.


Hi @randyvg,

What you propose can indeed work, however, service to your daughter’s phone needs to be canceled first. Before doing that, did she take her Republic number with her to Verizon? If so, service to her Republic phone should already be canceled. If not, does she care about the number on her Republic phone?


Thanks Roland. My daughter also wanted a new number (for Chicago area) so she did not port her RW number away. Neither she or my son are interested in her old number. However, service is continuing on the old phone with the old number. Do I need to discontinue service on her old/abandoning number?


Do I need to discontinue service on her old/abandoning number?
Indeed that’s the first step. here’s how: Cancel My Republic Service.

Once done the phone would be freed up to reactivate as a replacement for your son’s broken phone. A Factory Reset prior to reactivation is best practice. Post reset, it’s largely a matter of following on screen prompts to reactivate the phone for your son. When presented the opportunity, select to replace his phone number. The description isn’t entirely intuitive but it’s the phone not the number that gets replaced. His number and plan will transfer to his “new” phone while simultaneously deactivating his broken phone. If needed, detailed guidance is here: Activate My Phone.


Great, I’ll give it my best shot tomorrow when I have ample time. THANKS FOR HELPING and doing it so quickly.