I have a Moto G and do not want to lose my "legacy" plan

I have a Moto G going bad. Because I am a 72 year old on a low fixed income I do not want to loose my “legacy” plan. My son gave me his Moto G but it needs to be reactivated. How can I transfer my current phone number on my old Moto G to my son’s “gifted” Moto G without loosing my current “legacy” priced plan?

Hi @calvinc.ljs60e,

So long as the “new” Moto G is a 1st or 3rd Generation model and was previously used with Republic, it may be activated as a replacement as described by Republic here:

Both number and grandfathered plan would transfer from old to “new phone.

If not already done, it would be best practice to start the “new phone” fresh with a factory reset.


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