I have a moto g xt1548 ineed a sims card for it

i have a moto g xt1548 i got it with no sims card , i need a replacement for it to work on the cell network my wireless republic number is■■■■i activated it on wifi . it works there but not on the cell network so i need a new sims card

The Legacy Refund plan phones should not have their SIM card removed as they are tied to that specific phone. Commonly, re-sellers remove SIM cards when they re-sell any phone. No personal info is stored on the SIM in this case, as it is only used to gain LTE access to the nework.

First, I would open up the phone to verify it is missing the SIM. It is has one, then it may just need to be re-seated or may have gone bad.

If there is no SIM, I would contact the person you purchased it from and ask them if they have the SIM as it is required for the special phone.

Other wise, you can open a ticket and R.W can send you one for that exact phone.

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