I have a Moto G5s plus, but I think the camera i poor quality. Recommend a Motorola phone with a great camera?

So the camera on my MotoG5sPlus has always been a sore point with me.
The highlights are always blown out.

I’ve been using Motorola phones now for years.
Can someone recommend a model with a great camera? I like and am used to Motorola, but would consider other brands.
My second priority is price.
My third is size. I don’t need it to be huge.
Thank you!

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Motorola has never been known as a great picture taking phone (cameras seam to be a weak point for the brand)

you might want to look in to the Pixel 3A (~$400) as a more budget good camera phone


OK. Thanks so much.


The Pixel J3a gets good reviews for ‘camera’ in it’s price range…(just read that comparison today).

Thank you all.
I bought a Pixel 3a


For me, Beth, same phone, same disappointment. Bought it for the 8X zoom but the focus is lousy. Glad to hear it’s likely not my mishandling. Community suggestions are welcome.

I’ve been eyeing up replacement options for my G5 Plus for a few months now. The Pixel 3A/3/3XL seem to be the best alternatives right now, at least for the camera and future updates. But I still haven’t pulled the trigger. I’m curious to check out the Pixel 4 when it comes out (assuming RW supports it). I’m also curious to see how much it’ll cost and how much the 3A/3/3XL drop to at that point. I’ve had several Motorola phones in a row now. While they’re not marquee phones, I’ll really miss Moto Actions if I go with a different brand.

Please let us know your opinion of the Pixel 3a once you’ve used it some. I’m considering it as a possible replacement for my Z Play.

Will do.

So I’ve used the Pixel 3a for a few days now. It’s a fine phone with ok battery life. Google is giving it a lot of support by emailing me tips. That has been very helpful.
The camera is spectacular! I haven’t even learned all of its feature yet, but the lens is crisp and the photos are beautiful across the range of exposures from light to dark.
I’m quite embarrassed that I shot the Moto G5sPlus for so long. I should have taken it for a swim long ago.


Sounds good. Thanks for the info.

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