I have a Moto X 1st gen and have a contact list editing problem

There is a person in my contact list that I want to edit but, when I long-touch the contact I get a small message that states the contact doesn’t exist. The same thing happens when I touch the 3 little dots in the top right corner of the speed dial box. However, when I touch either the contact list entry or the speed dial entry the phone makes the call. I have done a hard reboot with no change. Anybody got an idea what I can do to clear this problem?

Hi @raymonm,

I can’t say this is something we see commonly in Community. If it were me and presuming the issue is limited to this one contact, I’d try deleting it entirely then adding it back.

Thanks Rolandh, I have tried that but can’t get past “The contact doesn’t exist” action. If you can tell me how to delete the contact that doesn’t exist I would love to try it.


Hi @raymonm,

Indeed that would be a conundrum.

Perhaps clearing the app and Android system caches will help: Clearing the Cache. Both have been known to clear up “confusion” on Android phones.

Another thought; are your contacts being synced with your Google account or something else?

If your contacts are stored on your phone (and not in gmail or something) you could export your contacts, delete the offending one, and then import them back into the phone.

There are apps on the Play store for this, or if you are brave (and technical), you can use the import/export menu option in the Contacts app. If you ‘export to storage’, and then plug your phone into your computer and get the resulting .vcf file, edit it, and then import the file again with the import/export menu option. It’s the ‘manual’ way, but a great side-effect is that you’ll have a backup of your contacts!

Hi Rolandh. I just tried that and quit a bit of the cache was deleted but not all (2.78MB). Still have the problem though. Regarding the sync question, wouldn’t that be an action performed by the user. If so I don’t think that is an issue.


Presuming your contacts are being synced with your Google account, the thought is you might try deleting it using a computer’s web browser pointed here: https://contacts.google.com. The hope would be deleting it there would convince your phone the rogue contact truly no longer exists.

As for the 2.78MB left after clearing the cache, that’s normal.

Thanks Jimk. I will save this method for “if all else fails”. I guess could I go one more step and take the phone back to virgin status but that really is the final step!


Hey Rolandh, That suggestion looks like it might have worked but the phone I’m trying to fix is my wife’s device and she doesn’t have a Google account as far as I know. When I tried going to the contacts link it took me to my list and I have no idea how to make it come up with hers.

if she doesn’t have a google account I would put one there just to mange the contacts and apps from google play (and not just reuse yours)(she never has to use the email)

android OS is google’s OS and work best with a google account

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