I have a Moto x pure edition and I want the upgrade reminder to STOP! I don't want the upgrade

It says the upgrade is irreversible. The last upgrade I accepted like that , for my moto x ruined my phone. I don’t want to ruin this phone and don’t want constant reminders!

I don’t have a new phone. But if you have these settings, you might try this to see if it works:

  1. Go into the phone settings menu and select apps.

  2. Swipe over until you get to the “All” menu.

  3. See if “Motorola Update Services” is listed and select it. Turn off the show notifications.

Note if you don’t update, you may miss out on any security update.

Hi @annd.cyluuq,

The steps outlined by @marshallh are not directly applicable to the Moto X Pure. To get where he’s directed you:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap Apps.
  3. Tap More (three stacked dots upper right).
  4. Tap Show system.
  5. Scroll to, then tap Motorola Update Services.
  6. Tap Notifications.
  7. Toggle Block all on.

The above said the update you’re being prompted to install is indeed a security update. For what it’s worth, I installed it on my Moto X Pure without a hiccup.

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