I have a moto z that is unlocked and I'm unable to activate it

It says that the phone is not supported by republic. Help?

Only North American factory unlocked versions of the Moto Z and Moto Z Play are compatible. An unlocked Verizon or international version are not compatible.

To find if your Moto Z or Moto Z play model is compatible with Republic Wireless:

To find your phone’s SKU number, go to:

Apps -> Settings -> About phone -> Hardware information -> SKU.

  • Compatible SKU numbers: XT1650-03 for the Moto Z and XT1635-02 for the Moto Z Play
  • Must be North America Unlocked version.

Why would the international version not be compatible? I recently bought a moto z play xt1635-03 not knowing it was an 03 and am stuck now.

There are often subtle hardware differences and quite often differences in the Android operating system between phones intended for the international and North American markets. Republic tests and supports its’ app-based blended WiFi/cell service with specific Android devices all of which are North American factory unlocked variants.

You mention being stuck. Does the vendor you purchased from not accept returns?

The vendor states that they accept returns but they’re asking for much proof they want videos and photos it took me two days to figure out how to get my photos to upload to their site which is unusual they typically work on all the other sites

They are not likely to accept a return simply because I bought the wrong phone. It might be easier to flash root or what ever to get it to work.

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