I have a new phone from Repulic Wireless coming today

How do I identify that I have a CDMA sim and not a GSM sim?

Can I set-up the adress book and e-mail before I activate the phone?

The phone is the LG Nexus 5x with no plug in memory.

If the SIM card comes separately then it is definitely a GSM SIM card. If it comes installed in your phone, it doesn’t guarantee that it is CDMA but there are additional ways to figure out if you have CDMA or GSM card.

For example, the SIM cards look slightly different

A GSM SIM card is white, and the word republic has public in green letters, while

A CDMA SIM has a different color for each size of the SIM Card - Gray, Green, White. The word republic is all gray

You can look at this thread for some photos of the two different SIM cards.

Republic Wireless Coverage Update and CDMA Availability

As for setting up your addressbook and email, if you use the same Google account from your existing addressbook/email on your new phone…and enable sync…you addressbook and email should automatically sync to your new phone.

See this document for the activation flow and step by step activation instructions

Activate My Phone

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