I have a samsung Galaxy J3 with a new a republic sim card, when booting I get sim card is invalid


This is the phone I just purchased>>>>
Samsung Galaxy j3 hardware version s327VL.01
build number MMB29M.S327VLUDS4ARF2
Android version 6.01

I just want you to verify this phone will not work with the new republic wireless sim card I just bought and it is not compatible with republic wireless at all.
If I get get the right Samsung Galaxy j3 will I be able to use the new republic sim card I
just purchased.


It looks like that is the J3 Luna Pro which is not compatible. The model numbers that will work are SM-J320A, SM-J327U, and SM-J337U

Additionally, the J320A needs to be one of these models, and NOT an AT&T branded version:


Hi @johnd.3lck6m,

Yes, the SIM card you bought will work on a supported phone.


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