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Having just returned from a trip to Italy I was again reminded how easy it was to call a U.S. phone number using an internet connection. So, why couldn’t RW develop an app to make calling a “local” (foreign) number just as easy? Here’s how that app might work: 1. enter the non-U.S. number you want to dial and press send 2. the number you want to dial would be sent to a U.S. based bot which would then re-route the call to your RW phone 3. when you answer the call you would be patched-through to the “local” (foreign) number. I would naturally expect that RW could offer this with a per-minute charge or something similar. Since many overseas sites (hotels, train stations, etc.) offer complementary WiFi it could greatly reduce or eliminate the need to carry a separate SIM card, or secondary phone, or a mobile hotspot. Does this make sense?

I think the issue is there are a lot of apps that work this way already. Google Voice, Rebtel, Line, Boss, etc are already apps that you can use on wifi to make international calls, with a per minute charge, that getting in to that space to compete and the effort required would likely be difficult to justify.


Thanks for the suggestions. Although I would LOVE to stay with RW, it looks like BOSS (T-Mobile) would be the best alternative for what will likely be more international travel in the next 2 -3 years.

Hi @johnv.i6v6uz and welcome to the Community!

I don’t believe it was @louisdi’s intent to point you to a mobile service provider other than Republic though there are certainly options in the market.

Rather, Google Voice, Rebtel, Line and BOSS Revolution are all examples of third party apps that function in a manner that you suggest Republic might want to consider in creating its own app. I believe the intent was to point out apps that work more or less as you propose already exist and some already work with Republic making an effort by Republic to provide its own app, perhaps, unnecessary.

More to the point, these third party apps do not require one to use a particular mobile service provider. I personally use both Google Voice and Rebtel with Republic. I’ve not used Line and my understanding is BOSS Revolution doesn’t like Republic numbers for the reasons mentioned here:

You might find this article I wrote for the Community to be of interest:


Thanks, Roland… I’ll look into those other suggestions.

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