I have been a customer for a couple of months. When I attempted to log in today, it says I do NOT currently have any active phones with Republic. Why? I am using it, and receiving/paying the bills!

With respect, this is a pain. I have been a customer for a couple of months. I like the service. When I attempted to log in just now, I was told that I have no currently active phones. Why?

I have paid the bills. I use the phone. Please respond.

the Email your using today show you created the account today, you need to login with the email that you setup your phone account with

Hi @thomasa.sl1anb,

The account you have signed in with is not associated with your phone. You have another e-mail address which is very similar, but with a different E-mail provider and looks like it has a typo in it that serves as the username for your Republic Wireless account associated with your phone.

Thank you for quickly responding. I checked the email and [redacted] is correct. What needed to be done was to change the password–I am presuming. Anyway, I changed the password. Do you think this will enable accessing my account better?

Hi @thomasa.sl1anb,

I removed your e-mail address from your post. This is a publicly visible forum and I don’t want others to start E-mailing you when they find your address here.

I assure you, the E-mail address you posted and are using for this login is not associated with your phone account. Changing its password will not change that.

If you’re not able to remember the E-mail address that is associated with your Republic Wireless account, open a support ticket by E-mailing help@republicwireless.com and let me know that ticket number. I’ll have to go through a legally mandated process to confirm you are the account owner, and then I’ll be able to help you access the account.

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