I have had nothing but issues lately. Service terrible, phone disabling

I have a moto 5g. Three times in the past 2 weeks my phone has been inoperable. It just deactivates me randomly. The past day I have not been able to make outgoing phone calls. It just says calling. Nothing connects. I tried the 847 or whatever tip. Doesn’t help. I am about to term my service, as I can’t take this continued service issues. What can I do to permanently resolve my issues?

Now it says my cellular network is not available for voice calls. This is pathetic.

Issue Description

Hi @brianl.79ckrt,

I’m sorry to see that you’ve been experiencing some trouble with your service. I believe what you are describing is due to two different issues.

This morning we have experienced a brief service outage affecting calling and texting. You can watch for updates on this outage at https://status.republicwireless.com/incidents/gfqvnwmbvy6b. Our engineers have isolated the cause of the issue and a resolution has been implemented.

For the prompts to activate your phone, please see:

Please let us know if the help article above takes care of the activation prompts.


Are we getting a discount or extra data as a result. My phone has been unusable for over 4 days in the past month.

Hi @brianl.79ckrt,

The outage incident this morning would not have caused 4 days of service disruption. It was a very brief incident.

If you’re experiencing ongoing issues, please open a ticket so our help team can troubleshoot with you.

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Hi @brianl.79ckrt,

I see that I caused some confusion in my earlier reply to you - someone let me know I had pasted the status link twice rather than the help article you’ll need for the prompts to activate.
That information is here:


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