I have no service


So I got a new phone and just transferred my SIM card from my old phone to this one, but I don’t have any service ever. I have reset my phone multiple times but nothing works. I am paying every month to have service but it doesn’t work. I acmt call or text unless I have WiFi. So I decided to look at what other people did and one person said they had the same problem and someone told them they had to get a new SIM card. I would do that but I don’t want to lose my phone number. If anyone can help that would be nice.

  • If your old phone was one of the legacy phones the SIM card will be of no use in your new phone.
  • If you purchased the phone from Republic it would have had the SIM card either already installed or included.
  • If the new phone was purchased somewhere other than Republic you will need to Purchase a SIM card from Republic (it will be for the GSM carrier T-Mobile)

Some places to start


Sounds like you can call and text over WiFi but may not have cell reception. You can request a CDMA SIM card that may help as you read. You don’t need to worry about losing your phone number when changing from the GSM network to CDMA.