I have ordered an E4 Phone. Purchase shows GSM Sim

I have ordered an E4 phone. My invoice indicates it is being shipped with a GSM Sim. My concern is I had ordered an E4 Phone for my wife when it only had GSM available. We had problems with cell reception. (Ticket # 1255545, now closed). Republic Wireless solved that problem for us by sending us a CDMA compatible phone, problem solved. I saw the E4 is now listed as CDMA available, my reason for choosing the phone. To my surprise, UPS has indicated I will receive my phone tomorrow (1-19-2018). I realize it is probably shipped from a fulfillment center. I know I have 14 days to return the phone. I of course would like to avoid a return. We liked the E4 except for the reception issue. I was very impressed at how Republic Wireless handled my wife’s reception problem, and I know returns are costly. Will I be able to get a CDMA Sim if needed.
As always, Thank you.

If you Moto E is indeed ship with a GSM SIM, Republic can convert it to a CDMA SIM via a support ticket Tickets | Republic Wireless
Note this is true for the Moto E4 but not yet for the Moto E4 Plus which at this time must be on the GSM partner


Thank you drm186. I had checked to be sure CDMA was available on the E4. When I got it for my wife, it was not available with CDMA. We are almost always on wifi, and did not discover our cell reception problems for about 2 months. I guess early on we were in areas with good GSM. I have been a Republic Customer since 2015, and seldom listed problems, as I almost never had problems. The way Republic took care of my reception problem on the E4 when it was GSM only seemed above and beyond on customer service. I am an advocate for Republic Wireless.

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My ‘corrected’ understanding, is that at this time it is necessary to 1st Activate any BYOP phone that is GSM & CDMA capable on RW GSM carrier.
Once fully activated on GSM, necessary a Ticket action as @drm186 mentioned , can request a CDMA SIM .

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Thank you for the update jben.

Hi pauls.i21633
I can say the request /tbl ticket that you put is really works. they will ask you for 3 address that you use the the phone the most in.
with zip code. It will take about 2-4 day to get your new sim. They
will email you

That’s what they did when my wife’s phone was having trouble. CDMA was not available for the E4 at that time. We had already had the phone for about two months, they promptly sent us a compatible phone. You can’t beat that kind of customer service!

That’s not correct. When the phone is purchased from Republic, it can be shipped CDMA activated right out of the box. This is only true when activating BYOP phones.


If you get the right zip code in the coverage checker when you order the phone My first moto g 5+ I used zip 95963 10 miles away
Came cdma sim. the next moto g5+ used zip 95951 in the coverage checker an it cam with gsm sim

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