I have plenty of data left but getting message that no data available



What phone do you have? Samsung SM-G930U
What plan are you on? 1 GB
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? everything

Issue Description

Siting in the car (passenger) and need to find phone number of a business. Asking Google and getting message on the phone (not on Google) with exclamation sign that not Data available try to use wifi. Checked RW Ap- shows no data and offer to change plan. After getting to work check RW Ap - 700 mb is left!
And this is not the first time…
Very frustrating.


Hi @finback_65,

I’m sorry you were unable to access data when you needed it.

While on Wi-Fi, please follow these steps to correct the Republic Wireless App’s understanding of the amount of data you have available:

Then just to be sure, could you check the following setting?

Apps > Settings > Connections > Data usage > Mobile Data Usage > :gear:
Make sure the “Apply Data Usage Limit” is toggled to the left (off).

If that’s correct and the issue persists when you are away from Wi-Fi, please open a support ticket so our technicians can look into this more closely.


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