I have questions regarding the different plans and roaming



I currently have the 1.0 call, text, 3G plan. I stay at home with my kids and use wifi 90% of the time. However there is no cell coverage in my small town but there is in the neighboring town where I shop (and use data).

I was thinking it would be nice to have a roaming data option. From what I read, the 2.0 plans are the only ones who offer that. Is that correct? If so, are those plans still available to switch to? I realize I will loose my 5G of data but I currently only use about a half a Gig a month. Any other disadvantage to switching to this plan?

Also is there any advantage to switching to one of the 3.0 plans? I couldn’t really see one, unless I wanted to upgrade my phone.

Any help/suggestions are welcome. Thank you.


Hi @bridgeta!

You are correct that roaming is now only available on the 2.0 refund plans. However, data is used up at a much faster rate when you roam (1mb on native CDMA equals 18.3mb roaming). Other than data being used up faster on roaming, you should see a decrease in your monthly bill.

Republic 3.0 has added a new GSM partner. You mentioned that where you live, Republic’s CDMA provider has lousy coverage. I would recommend checking Coverage Check | Republic Wireless to see if 3.0 provides better coverage. If the coverage checker does not give you any warnings about BYOD not being available, then you should have better GSM coverage. Data in 3.0 is also cheaper than data on 2.0 (a 1gb plan costs only $20).

I hope that helps!