I have the Moto G 1st Gen, can it be handed-down?

I have the MOTO G 1st gen phone, and will be getting another phone, but would like to offer this older phone on to our son in Oregon, we are in Michigan. What it the best way to do this, will he be able to get the good rate that I have had with the phone which only cost me about $12 to $13 or a little more each month. Would the phone number have to be changed, or does he have a choice? He and his wife are in Astoria.

After you get your new phone and transfer the line to it [during activation of the SIM though the Republic app] you would do a factory reset on the Moto G and give it to your son, he would then activate [though the Republic app on the phone] on his account on the 2.0 refund plan which also has a $10 no data option.

I will note your new phone will be on the new my choice plans which has a base price of $15

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Thanks, I did know that the new phone’s base price would go up. Right now the phone I want is out of stock. The Moto G 5 or is it 6? I am toying with do I settle for a different model or hunt or wait for the Moto G5/6. I also am looking at the Moto G6 Play, can’t decide.

Hi @sylviah.5821no,

There are multiple flavors of the Moto G5 listed in Republic’s store. If you’re referring to the G5 Plus, I’m afraid it’s sold out and as Motorola no longer manufactures it, it won’t be restocked. The Moto G5S Plus remains available.

The Moto G6 is backordered, however, my understanding is Republic anticipates resuming shipments in a couple of days. Republic typically lists a 1-2 week worst case scenario for backorders. I believe the G6 Play is in stock.

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Thank you for the info, I am not sure which one it is but I am going to wait now. I really did not want to go for the larger screen of the Moto G Play, I have too much stuff to carry as is.

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