I have to reactivate my phone once a day


What phone do you have?
What plan are you on?
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

I have a Moto x Pure
$15 plan with 2 or 3 gigs depending.

Issue Description

My phone shows no sim card once a day like clockwork. I have been told to take it out and then reinsert and restart my phone. I have had to do it so often that the latch that holds the card is damaged. It always says, let’s active your phone.

My question is, would a new card fox this issue? Do you think it is the phone? I do not want to buy a new phone right now since this one still looks pretty good and works pretty well other than the daily disconnect but my business requires that I am always available and a few times the card has failed away from wifi and I have been unreachable for a couple hours in the middle of the day. I can’t do that to my clients. If it is the card. Can I order one on Amazon or here? Is there a way to fix the latch?




when you say latch that holds the sim card do you mean the tray or the part in the phone that kicks out the tray when you insert the sim removal tool in the hole?
if it is the tray you can get replacements on amazon along with the rw sim card
if it is the mechanism that is down in the phone, that is something that will require the phone to be taken apart to get fixed…
have you tried cleaning the gold contacts on the sim card with a q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol?
a clean pencil eraser lightly rubbed on the sim contacts some times works, must be clean, never been used…
if you have another phone around you could try the sim in that phone
also you could try another sim from another phone and see if that works
but given the number of times you have removed and reinstalled the sim and the latch is broken,
sounds like getting service at MOTO… you may have bent the contact point on the phones’ board in the socket…


I’ve received those messages randomly on my X Pure and G4. I normally just ignore, go back or to home page and phone is good to go. Removing RW app or updates and reinstalling may help if your condition similar is to mine.

If need of reinserting SIM to get back up condition exists a new SIM may or may not resolve your issue and worth trying. You can order a RW BYOP GSM SIM from either. You could also open a Support ticket to request a new card, process would take much longer but save you the cost. You would also need to contact support if your phone is on the Sprint network and need CDMA SIM.


Hi @azlumberking,

Does the phone actually stop working (calling, texting, accessing data) when you see this notification? Sometimes an app conflict can inspire this message, but it can simply be swiped away and ignored.

Was this advice from a support ticket? If so, you should follow up (in the same ticket if it’s still available, or in a new ticket that references the former ticket’s number, if it’s closed. Don’t try to reply or re-open a closed ticket, it won’t work) and let them know the issues persists regularly and has resulted in damage to the SIM card tray.

It’s possibly either, or an app conflict. Does the issue occur if the phone is in Safe Mode? Does it occur if you factory reset the phone and run it for a day or so with no third-party apps? If so, then the next thing to try would be replacing the SIM card, which our Support staff would be glad to do for you. If the problem persists with a new SIM card and no third-party apps, then that would point to it being a defect to the SIM card reader.


Thanks for the help. I will reach out to support.


Thanks for the info. I’ll be contacting support.


I think it is the tray part but I don’t want to pop it out again and risk it not working at all. Lately I have been able to just restart the phone 2 times to reactivate the phone. I am going to contact support to see if they will send another card. Thanks for the info.

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