I have two accounts in my name and cannot access the one I need to


I am trying to find HELP on this site that is WAY too smart for me


Eddie, Can you provide some more detail on what help you need? Do you not know the email of the second account you are trying to access? Something else?

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Yes I do but so far I cannot find a place to input it


If you’re trying to access your account, you can do so here: https://republicwireless.com/account/manage

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This is the forum where other members of Republic help each other. You are free to ask here. They can help with most issues. If you need to reach Republic staff go to http://help.republicwireless.com and log in. From their you will see a button to either chat or open a ticket with support. Our if all else fails just email help@republicwireless.com.


Do you need 2 accounts? Is there a benefit to this confusion. We do support having multiple phones on one account. If you have two accounts then you need to remember two logins and that can be a drag.

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