I have two new phones one got onthe wrong number anthe other disapeared


Moto 4 plus gray and moto 4 gold
on talk and text plan no data

I got the “gold moto E4” phone a couple of week ago and got it all set up to my wife’s number. Then I got a phone “moto E4 plus gray” for myself and thought I was setting it up on my number. But it got set up on my wife’s number and her phone the “moto e4 gold” disappeared from the account. And what was left on the account was my old phone “moto E1” with my number and my new phone “moto E4 plus gray” on her number. Is there a quick fix or do I have to wait till she get home with her phone “motoE4 gold”. To fix it. And will there be complications with having to reactivate both phones, her phone “gold moto E4”back to her number in place off mine “moto E4 plus gray” and mine “moto E4 plus gray” to my number. Thank you


the easiest way to correct this is to reactivate your wife’s phone (gold) as a replacement for her line then reactive the new phone (grey) as a replacement for your line (old Moto e1)
reactivation is done though the Republic app on the phone being reactivated

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thank you

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