I have two Republic Wireless phones.  I would like to switch phone numbers on the phones.  Can I do that?  Could it be as simple as swapping SIM cards?

One phone is a Moto G, the other a Moto E.

a support ticket can swap numbers on an account Republic Help

@drm186 is right, you will need to submit a help ticket clearly stating which phone should end up

with which number.

The Moto G1 does not have a SIM card. The Moto E2 does have a SIM card but it must stay with the phone.

It is only there to enable the 4G LTE data access.

One potential thing to consider before you go ahead with the swap is that swapping phone numbers

wipes out the old Calls Logs on the phones (accessible from your online user account). So if you need

these for future reference, you might want to download them before proceeding with the swap.

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