I just activated my Moto X pure. Why is it so hot?

I updated the android aps, the screen and back of this phone are hot to the touch. Is the phone defective?

Hi @scotta.uodgao,

I think your phone is likely just fine. When first activated it’s busy updating and configuring itself for your use. When the Moto X Pure is working hard, it tends to run a bit warm. It should calm down in regular use. At least, this has been my experience with my Moto X Pure.

Mine gets warm as well, especially when the video screen has been on for a little while. Sometimes it gets warm in my pocket and I discover that I left the maps application running with GPS enabled. I close all navigational apps, camera apps when not in use for maximum battery life and minimum temperature. It sounds like your phone may be normal.

Hi @scotta.uodgao

My MXP will get hot sometimes, especially when using it while plugged into the Turbo Charger.

As a* new* activation, the procedure Clearing the Cache is often recommended and considered a good maintenance/housekeeping tool.

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