I just got a new phone and want to write a review for it but I can't figure out how

I just got a new phone and want to write a review for it. I’ve seen reviews on the bottom of pages for other phones and would like to do the same but I can’t figure out how to be able to do that? Would I only be eligible if I signed up for something or can anyone do it?

In a few days you should get an email with a link which will allow you to post a review.

Meanwhile, you are welcome to post your review here as well for the benefit of the community.

I hope the new phone is working well for you. If you are running into any issues, or need help

figuring out all the features of your phone, please post your questions here or search for already

submitted info by Community members.

Thanks! So I guess that means that whenever I get a new phone I’ll have to ask on this forum to be able to post a review?


You can post a review here in the community or on social media or the email RW sends to you. RW will not censor your review or file it in a trash can, they are welcomed, unlike many other companies out there.

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You don’t have to ask…you will automatically be sent an email when you buy a phone from RW

giving you an opportunity to review your purchase. This ensures that all reviews posted in the phones

section are verified purchase reviews.

I’ve actually had this phone for almost a month now and never got an email like that… I never got one for my old phone either… that seems weird now that you say I should automatically be getting an email to review the phones

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you might want to check your Spam folder just to double-check…otherwise you can submit a help ticket to see if they can provide you additional information


I check my spam folder before I empty it and I’ve never seen a RW email in there so that’s extra weird now that you mentioned that. I’ll submit a help ticket. Thanks so much for your help

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