I just ordered the Moto G (4th Gen.) from the Republic site that said the phone was $199. I checked out and was charged $249 I thought the sale price would be on the check out did I do something wrong?

My order # is 018-5596784-9196086

are you sure you didn’t order the Moto G4 Plus (normally $299 with sale price $249)?

the Moto G4 32 GB with $30 off start on Sunday 2/26 (normally $229 with sale price $199)

the Moto G4 16 GB with $20 off starts on 3/12 (normally $199 sale price $179)

the Moto G4 Play with $20 off starts on 3/12 (normally $149 sale price $129)

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from the phone page you can see only the Samsung S7 Edge, Moto Z Play and Moto G4 Plus are currently on sale


(the Nexus 5X, Moto X Pure, and Samsung Galaxy S6 all had a price reduction)

You must have ordered the Moto G Plus 64GB which has the regular price of $299. With the 50 dollar discount, the price would be $199.

If this isn’t the phone you wanted, then there may be a slim chance of canceling it since today is a holiday if you can get through to their chat line. Otherwise you will have to send it back when you receive it.

Open a support ticket at the bottom of the page. Hopefully, chat is available.

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The Moto G4 32GB goes** on sale Feb 26** for $199 and the Moto G4 16GB goes on sale March 12 for $179.

Please note I ordered the G4 32GB today my mistake I thought I was getting the price of $199 then I realized the sale starts Feb.26. Do I need to cancel and reorder and can this order be held until Feb. 26th. My order number is 018-5596784-9196086

you need a support ticket to do this (this forum is mainly costumers) Republic Help

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