I just reupped for a year, I presume my phone is valid 5G?

I just roll forward with Republic, expecting to be informed of any needed changes. My year plan just renewed, I never heard a thing about needing a new phone, but I read in the news that many phones will be obsolete soon. It’s a Moto G7.

Hi @beachcolonist,

Your Moto G7 is not a 5G capable phone. That said, a 5G capable phone is not a requirement for continued cellular service. It is 2G and 3G networks that are expected to go away sometime next year.

4G LTE isn’t going anywhere. Your. Moto G7 is 4G LTE capable and will be just fine.

At this point, despite what the marketing folks would like us to believe, 5G is a nice to have but, hardly, necessary.


Thanks, that is what I figured, under the supposition that if I needed a new phone, Republic would have informed me of it. The real issue is that my faith in this company has slipped since the visual voicemail problem has been handled so poorly by them, so I was ready to be unpleasantly surprised. Yes I understand 5G is just more ■■ that I do not need. Thanks!

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If you define ‘them’ as Google, then some of us might agree with you that they didn’t handle the problem well, but this was brought about by changes to the phone app (owned and updated by Google) … Republic and other providers alike are having problems and Republic has continued to document workarounds while they try to fix the problem caused by Google. The latest on this subject is contained in No voicemail listed on the Voicemail tab of the Phone app on Motorola and Pixel phones


Yes, I’m confident Republic will indeed inform those members (you are not one of them) who will need a new phone sometime next year. For what it’s worth, that’s not something unique to Republic. Lots of folks across all U.S. carriers are going to need new phones sometime next year. A case in point, I just helped a cousin acquire a new 4G LTE flip phone (he refuses to use a smartphone).

If you don’t mind satisfying my curiosity, may I ask if the dissatisfaction with the ongoing (and annoying) visual voicemail problem with Google’s Phone app is that the issue is not fixed? Or, is the lack of satisfaction, that Republic didn’t provide email notice of the problem?

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