I keep calling 911 accidentally

I bike and listen to music a lot. Problem is, somehow my phone hits the “emergency dial” button while the phone is in my pocket. How can I disable that feature? It’s a Samsung galaxy s8. I have tried to disable “calling while in a dark place” but that doesn’t do ■■■■. Luckily 911 calls me back and no police follow up.

Ouch. That no fun! I don’t have a Galaxxy S8, but do have experience turning my phone on accidentally.

  • Do you think it is triggering because of the screen or pushing a button?
  • Does your screen face your body? Could you put it in facing away from your body?

Hi @jefferyb and welcome back to the community. I don’t have a Galaxy S8 either but will ask if there are any Accessibility features to assist with dexterity and interaction aspects of the device. Especially since you say your phone hits the emergency dial button.

On the S9 I think you can Tap Settings > Accessibility > Dexterity and interaction and tap an option to set the Touch and hold delay: to select a time interval for button action. This might stop the system from responding to an accidental tap. Not sure how much of a pain it would be for other daily use. Just something to look at.

You might read through Tom’s Guide – Samsung Galaxy S8 User Guide: Tips, Tricks and How-Tos and see if there is anything there that would help.

Hopefully someone who is using an S8 will jump in with a good known solution!

I found the following solution for accidental dialing for an S10 on the Samsung community website. Hopefully, it will also work for the S8.

“I assume you have the default app shortcuts in the lock screen which are phone and camera.
The phone app may be getting turned on while in your pocket. To change this to a different app go to settings, search lock screen and go to the option app shortcuts. by default the phone will be left shortcut., you can change it to a different app or shut it off completely.”


@jefferyb, have you been able to solve your accidental “emergency dial” issue?

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