I Keep Hearing a "Cha-Ching" (Cash Register) Notification on Moto G5. Why?


Hello…First off, I’m new to the world of smart phones and have only had my Moto G5 Plus for just over a month. What I’m wondering is–why do I keep hearing a cash register notification sound (“cha-CHING”)? It happens several times just randomly throughout the day and it’s driving me nuts! I can’t tell by looking at the notification bar what it might be, because I’m not entirely sure what some of the little icons mean. Does anyone else get this and/or know what this could be?
Thank you in advance!


Hi @tmfoster!

It’s likely that it’s for your notifications. Go into your settings :settingsicon: , click the “Sounds” option, and then scroll down to see which sounds are selected. You should be able to tap on it to see other sounds and hear the sound. In Android, it usually plays one sound for almost all your app notifications. Therefore, the Cha-Ching sound is probably for different notifications (it’s just that they are all using the same sound). I hope that helps!



Thanks, @mb2x! I went into “other sounds” and turned off all of them except for the screen locking sounds; now I guess I’ll just wait and see if I still hear the cha-ching. Hopefully this takes care of the problem.

Thanks again for your help,



I installed the Offerup app on my phone. It took it upon itself to use a cha-ching notification sound. No other app I’ve installed does this.

Here is a link to the app in case you want to see what the logo looks like:



Hmmm, interesting, @johnny5…I have seen this app pop up at times in ads, so I’ll check to make sure that I didn’t accidentally install it. Thanks for your reply!


I believe “retail-me-not” notifications also come with a “cha-ching” sound.


@amitl, that does sound like something that would make a “cha-ching” noise, but I checked and don’t have the “retail-me-not app”. Anyway–I thought that the problem was solved earlier today after I made a few adjustments, but then out of the blue—sure enough—I heard 5 or 6 “cha-chings” in a row, then nothing. I’ll be damned if I know what’s causing it! I guess I’ll just keep tweaking until it stops. :roll_eyes:


Hmm…could you give us a list of apps you have that you have installed? Do you text?


@mb2x, ok, here are my apps: CNN, Crossword, EasyFit Pedometer, eBay, Facebook, GMail, Mahjong, NBC, Netflix, OverDrive, Spotify, Tetris, WKTV Weather, Word Search, and Zedge. And yes, I definitely do text now and then but not a whole lot.


eBay may be it. I know it does a Cha-Ching sound if you sell an item. Do you sell a lot on eBay? Either way, go and poke around in the eBay app settings and see if any notifications are set to that sound.


Omg, you may be right! I schedule 4 items on eBay every day and they always end at the same time…right around dinner time. Today–right around that time, I heard 4 “cha-chings”. I did silence lots of my apps but I may have missed something when it comes to eBay. I’ll definitely check that out right now. Fingers crossed!


I love selling stuff on eBay so that is always a nice sound to hear :wink: . Oh and let us know what you find!


Haha, now that I know what’s making the sound, yes it is! :money_mouth_face:


Off topic, but out of curiosity, what items do you sell? I mainly sell electronics. I used to flip them all the time from Craigslist, but I don’t do it a whole lot anymore.


All sorts of stuff. Old toys, games, records, CDs, Bath and Body Works and other brands, vintage adult magazines, pretty much whatever I find around the house that I don’t use anymore and whatever my hubby brings home that’s worth selling (he’s sort of a pack rat. He hits every estate sale and thrift shop that he can whenever he can). I’m retired so it kind of gives me something to do.


Ahh! You can get some good finds at thrift shops sometimes! Selling is a lot of fun. Enjoy it!

Getting back on subject from my rabbit trail, If you ever have any future questions, don’t hesitate to ask here in the community. There are a lot of people who are ready and willing to help you :slight_smile: . Have a great night!


Thank you again, @mb2x, you’ve been more than helpful. I hope to run into you again here sometime!


Oh, and thank you to everyone who responded to my question. You guys have all been great! :grinning:


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