I keep paying for added data and I am using the same data I had with my old phone

What phone do you have?

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

I have a Google Pixel 4a. I just got it from Amazon from the recommendation of RW. I have 7GB of data. I use IG, FB and Youtube often and I sent a ton of emails but I never needed to add more data to my plan before I got this phone! I am spending more money than ever before. Yes. My plan includes talk and text and data.

I ALSO need help with the fact that now that I have a new phone, a new phone number came with it but I HATE THAT. Sometimes when I text, the other phone number comes up and it is confusing to the people I text regularly.

That we can solve. Please do the following to resolve this issue:

  1. Open the Messages App
  2. Touch the three dots on the top right
  3. Touch Settings
  4. Touch Chat Features
  5. Turn OFF “Enable Chat Features”

As far as data usage, that’s not something Republic controls and data usage is dictated by a combination of phone settings and user behavior.

Based on your description I would check the resolution of the Youtube streams that you’re watching (a higher resolution screen on the new phone may mean higher resolution streams, therefore more data).

I would check the FB settings. On your old phone perhaps you had Data Saver (under Video Quality), Autoplay on Wi-Fi only (Autoplay) and you may have had video and photo HD settings on off (any maybe they’re on on the new phone).

Finally in IG I would check the Cellular Data Settings and enable Data Saver there and set High Resolution Media to wifi only.




And I completely forgot to welcome you to the Community! I hope we’ll see you around here in what I completely consider one of the best parts of being a Republic customer!


Thanks. I just did this myself because someone recently said that it appeared that I had a new number when I texted that person.

If I’m just wanting to listen to a YouTube video as I travel, I’ll stream the video on the lowest setting, 144, which helps save data.

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Your phone may also have a much higher resolution camera which would make the photos you upload have higher files sizes and eat up more data uploading and downloading.


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