I left RW

After being with RW for several years I left them. RW was good to me: a perfect $10 plan with unlimited talk and text, a good smartphone. Actually, the RW Moto E was my first ever smartphone. When I left Verizon I tried T-Mobile. I got a brand new iPhone from them and tested it. The TM has 0 (zero) coverage inside my office building. The message on the phone bar said “No service”. That was when I found RW and I was pretty satisfied. Sprint coverage where I live was better than TM.

Fast forward to 2017. RW introduced new phones and BYOD. By that time I had a Samsung Galaxy S5 Active (AT&T) laying around (it was a gift). To my dismay I realized it will not work on RW. I was unable to upgrade my Moto E because of the space issues. I had no user-installed application, and still cannot update it. Trying to stay with RW, I ordered Moto G4 and guess what? No coverage at all! Few years passed since my initial ТМ test, and the TM hasn’t improved a single bit. I am not talking about some remote village in the mountain. This is an office building in the downtown of Lansing, capital of Michigan. It’s true that once I’m out of the building, I had 3 bars, but this doesn’t make me any good if I cannot receive phone calls in the office.

To make it short: I ported my number to Google Voice and ordered a SIM card from Pure Talk. I switched to Galaxy s5 and I am happy since then. The coverage was the same as AT&T and I have service in my office. Finally I can use the WAIT and PAUSE and don’t have any issues with MMS. The best thing is I am on the same $10/mo. True, I don’t have unlimited talk and text (which I don’t need anyway). With Pure Talk I have 300 min talk and text which is OK for me. Recently I ported my number from Google Voice to Pure Talk. So far, so good.

Just wanted to let other people know that there are other options.

Hi @michaelg.rtl5sj ,

Thanks for writing and letting us know how our 3.0 launch impacted you.

Just wanted to let other people know that there are other options.

I do want to stress for others with coverage issues after upgrading to 3.0, we would appreciate an opportunity to work with you in a support ticket. We’ve recently had some additional options made available to us, so even if you contacted us after upgrading some time in the past, please open a follow-up ticket and let us see if there is anything further we can do.

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