I live in Vermont. Will Republic phones have cell coverage here?

Is Republic cell coverage good in Vermont and New Hampshire? My ATT coverage is not very good here, but Verizon seems to be much better. Any Republic users here?

Hi @tomb.4rkn0c,

Most folks here are Republic users; it’s Republic’s Community after all. How many Vermonters or Granite Staters are here is a different question. While waiting to potentially hear from some of them, you may check coverage for yourself here: Coverage Check | Republic Wireless. Some detail here: Republic Wireless Coverage.

I have CDMA (Sprint) on Republic in Vermont. There are plenty of places out in the boonies or mountain valleys without coverage, but it’s been ok everywhere I’ve lived. On the interstates it seems like I’m roaming about half the time. Roaming means you can voice call but no data, and you might get dropped if you drive too far during the call.

In NH the lakes region is pretty weak for Sprint coverage, but good with Verizon (roaming again)

I have no direct experience on the GSM service.

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