I lost my google chrome icon. How can I recover it? I can't find any icon in my settings

Please help me by being very specific and using baby step by step instructions. Thanks.

Hi @cynthiaf.ankxyh

I do not believe you can uninstall Chrome from your Moto E 1st gen.,

Lets start be confirming that Chrome is still on your phone. Open Settings, scroll to Apps, and scroll down to the C’s and double check the chrome icon is not there. (settings>apps>chrome).

If it is not, you may have inadvertently ‘disabled’ it. With Settings/Apps open, either use the dropdown menu or swipe right-to-left to find the “disabled” tab. If it is there, simply enable it.

You can also go to the Play Store and search for Chrome to confirm it is installed.

Hope this helps, let us know what you find.

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