I lost my old phone, and just purchased a new moto G (4th gen). How do i swap the numbers?

I bought a new phone along with the plan i suppose. Do i just cancel the plan i have, keep my number, and add it to the new plan?


When you activate the new phone use the Gmail account on your old phone. When you get to the step of new line or replacement go for the replacement. Just follow the prompts and the number , contacts and probably the Pictures too if you use google Photos. Any questions if you get stuck just ask in this thread and someone will help.

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I purchased a new Moto X4 and have it up and running.- no problems! What do I do to “un-do” my old phone? Same number. I’m not sure if I chose “replacement” in starting up my new phone.

open up the Republic app on the new phone and see if your number is listed there or if it’s a new number

if your number is listed then the Moto X4 should have your line and the old phone should be deactivated (it will still work as a mini tablet)

if a new number is listed then it was activated as a new line I would create a ticket and have Republic swap the number between the phones and deactivate the old phone (new number)

Thanks! The correct number is on my new phone. Will my old phone show that it is deactivated? Where will I see that?

if you phone the Republic app on the old phone it should ask you ti activate (the moving of the number to the new phone should have deactivated the old phone automatically
you can check you account portal to see it status also

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