I lost my phone - how do I purchase a new one and keep the same $?


I lost my phone - how do I purchase a new one and keep the same $ ???


I’m sorry to hear.

Have u tried locating your phone with Google Find My Device:

What model was your old phone?
If it was one of the “Legacy” models that only work on the 1.0 and 2.0 Refund Plans, you cant buy those new anymore. You may be able to buy a used one secondhand on Swappa.com or ebay. AS long as it is specified as the custom Republic wireless version. You can activate those on the old plans still

Otherwise, You can purchase a new current model phone on the R.W. Website.
Or purchase one of the unlocked BYOD supported phones elsewhere.

These phones use the current My Choice Plan.

This article is useful to read if you do a BYOD phone:

Hope this helps.


I bought a new Tracfone. Can I port the old # to my new phone?


Yes. U would initiate a transfer (or Port) with Tracfone to do that.


Hi @ronfinigan,

I’d like to edit the title of your post for better searchability in Community. Could you please tell me what you were asking? Did the dollar sign represent that you’d like to keep the same plan price?

If so, the Community would need to know your current plan to provide the correct answer.