I’m seeing all kinds of things about the network being Sprint, or T-Mobile, GSM and other letters I don’t know

I see all these things about Sprint, T-Mobile, GSM, and other acronyms I don’t understand. I just know my phone is a couple years old and a Moto G. I keep losing calls and have dead areas in my area. Is this because of my phone or the network. It is time to upgrade phones. Does the phone matter to make sure I’m on a network that will work in my area?

  • Here is a stab at helping you out,
    • Sprint & T-Mobile are the names of the two carriers that provided cellular coverage to Republic Wireless when they began … they have recently merged into a single company, however, it is going to be a longterm process until all the towers and infrastructures will totally unified.
    • GSM (T-Mobile) and Sprint (CDMA) are the two types of cellular network technology used by each carrier
    • Which technology does my phone utilize? The majority of the supported phones can be either, and at purchase time Republic trys to provide the carrier that gives you the best coverage
  • What do I do now?
    • Determine which your current phone is using by following the link above
    • Provide just your Zipcode, this will give the community users the information to check coverage maps and provide some recommendations
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Ok, so I am on the GSM network.
I live in 49426, but the place I have the issues is in the 49408 area which is south of where I am at 49426.
Thanks for your help, especially if there is a link that helps with maps that show the two networks.

I am sorry that no one has offered up a valid comparison for you to use in the trouble area. Due to the merger of the two carriers, it is difficult to provide valid maps, and I am unsure what would be best at this given moment in time.

Hi @danielb.kccmz3,

If you’re having coverage issues like calls dropping, please contact our coverage team and tell them you’d like to try our CDMA SIM card.
Instructions are here:


Using the links I provided, it looks like @southpaw is spot on (as per usual) in suggesting trying a CDMA(Sprint) SIM … here are comparison screenshots of Sprint vs T-Mobile for that Zipcode … you can use the map and check around as coverage varies by actual location… (when they say Fair signal strength, it usually is poor to none)
image image
Sprint is Yellow T-Mobile is Magenta
ETA: a cross check to the zipcode you provided for home, looks like you would be better off there with the CDMA Sprint also … so it should be a win win


I can’t say if the phone truly matters, but I know that when I switched from Motorola Defy to Pixel three years ago, my dead spots were not as dead. I can tell you that RW provided me a sim card as part of that transition. I don’t know whether it was the sim card or the new phone.

After seeing that coverage map, I have a question related somewhat to this post. I live in the Ogden, UT area but sometimes visit Evanston, WY. According to the coverage map, I should have fantastic coverage in Evanston but i have almost zero coverage and forget about internet when I’m there. Why would that be?

Thank you

Regarding T-Mobile (GSM) coverage around Evanston, WY, that coverage is primarily on frequency band 71 (600 MHz). Your profile states you have a Moto G7, which is not equipped for band 71 connectivity.


Sprint (CDMA) coverage around Evanston, WY is currently shown only as roaming coverage.

The phones supported by Republic that would have Band 71 coverage are listed in this Tips & Tricks article: Detailed Supported Phone Features

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Thanks. If only I’d known this a year and a half ago when I chose this phone… Luckily my wife’s new phone and my son’s new phone both appear to have band 71 so that’s good to know. I’ll definitely keep this in mind when it’s time for me to get a new phone.

I use this map to confirm (T-Mobile) GSM coverage:

When you click on a specific area it shows the frequency bands and relative signal strength.
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  • Nice map, you wouldn’t have an equivalent link available for Sprint, do you?
    • I did a Chat with T-Mobile last week and they couldn’t provide me a link to a composite Sprint/T-Mobile

No, I’m afraid I haven’t seen a good Sprint map in years. Luckily we won’t need one for much longer.

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