I met the Republic Wireless team tonight!


I just wanted to share with everyone that I met 11 people tonight on the Republic Wireless team at an event in downtown Raleigh, and everyone was great! The event was at their new “Pop-up Shop” in Raleigh. Aside from the RW team members and customer members there were also people interested in RW and people who just happened to drift in because of the “Free Wine” sign.

I met Mandy, Claire, Jose, Chris, John M., John K, Pam, Amie, Dorene, Kim and Mark–and I was looking for SouthPaw but was sorely disappointed. I was assured that she was hard at work though. –I guess someone has to work while the others are out having fun . . .

I talked to some prospective customers and was working a sale, so we’ll see if those people pop up here. Hopefully yes.

I just wanted to let everyone know that these people are real–I actually recognized Dorene from her RW avatar pic!! Somehow, I had always assumed that the photos that we see online were stock photo images, but I assure you they aren’t. Everyone was very exited, kind, and helpful and it made me proud to be part of this community.

I’m looking forward to going back in a few days for a class about how to choose the right RW phone. I’ve done extensive research over the past few weeks and ultimately chose a Moto Z Play so I’m hoping that I can offer some assistance to people looking for a phone.

Thanks Republic and see you soon!


Hi @apples2androids,

Thanks for sharing your experience tonight!

Ha! You’d have probably been more disappointed, had I been there!! I did not make it to the grand opening - but will be in the store in a week or so.

Really?! You think I’d pick a picture that looks like THIS image if I could use a stock image?!


Thank you for posting! Your post will make our team really happy.


I think you have a lovely avatar photo southpaw. :blush:


Hi @apples2androids,

Was this the sign?

What did you think of the shop itself? Did it seem just like any other cell phone store?

If this is something you enjoy helping people with, please consider chiming in on Broke and Need to Replace Samsung J3


Yep, that was the sign. I was standing outside talking with Dorene, Kim and Mark and a rather raucous group of women saw the wine sign and were all in. :joy:

I didn’t really understand what a “Pop-up Shop” was so I didn’t know what to expect. I liked that it felt more like a hip living room in a hip Oregonian flat filled with nice smiling people just waiting to meet me. After talking with Mandy for a few minutes I spied a couple checking out the phones–and I was curious which phones were on display–so I went and talked with them, asking if they were customers. They weren’t and one of the two of them was seriously considering signing up with the 1 GB plan, so I told them about my 3-year experience with RW, my recent phone and plan upgrade, and answered some questions for them. Then I signaled Claire and Amie into the conversation for questions I couldn’t answer.

I’ll check out the thread that you linked.


That’s the kind of interaction we hoped to achieve at the pop-up shop- members and staff working side by side!!

Enjoyed chatting with you and helping another potential member find their way. All one big, happy, republic family hanging out in the “living room” :rw: