I need a case to protect from dust contamination


My last 2 phones have died from getting dust in the ports making it hard to charge. I am leaning towards purchasing a moto E4 plus, but only if I can find a case that protects the ports. Does anyone have any case recommendations for my situation?


All I can find is a leather folio case w/ magnetic closure. or this holster that fits a phone & a case. Motorola Moto G5 Plus Vertical Rugged Case - FITS w/ OTTERBOX on it
The holsters are usually large and hold more than just phones. My wife has one clipped to her purse. It is doable , washable, mainly keeps stuff out of ports.


Cases with port protectors are tough or impossible to find unless you have a flagship phone these days.

You may find using canned air to dust you ports regularly may help prevent charging issues.


Even with compressed air and an otter box the longest I have been able to get a phone to last at my job is about 2 years. I found some micro usb and 3.5 mm jack covers on amazon that I can supplement a case with.

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You can find port plugs on amazon for little to nothing, just pair a pack of those with your case of choice.


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