I need a smaller phone that will fit in my pocket without breaking it on the job

there are not many phone out there smaller than the Moto E4 (the market has moved to larger phones and a 5" screen is now a small phone in the market
Of the republic compatible phones the Samsung Galaxy J3 is the smallest but it’s very close to the Moto E4

for a full Republic supported phone list there is this post Detailed Supported Phone Features


You can compare phone sizes here:

Once you find a smaller model that works with RW at the link above you can visualize your choice here:


My mother just went from the small Moto G1 4.5 in phone to the Moto E4 5in phone.
She really likes it. The size difference is not that a bother she says, though the G1 did have a thick Otterbox case on it, and the E4 has a simple slim TPU type case on it. She can still put it in her back pocket fine, though I advised her against that.

The thing is, the current market considers a 5in display phone to be the small phone! With 5.5in and soon to be 6in+ ultra wide screen, bezel -less, with a display “notch”, to the be in thing and what “everyone wants”.

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The Moto G4 Play is relatively small, close in size to a Moto G3 and has the benefits of an easily replaceable battery. Good basic phone no longer in production but may still be available as new or used…

Keep in mind the J3 is a GSM only phone.

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THank you very much! I appreciate the info! Bill

The G4 Play is the same size as the Moto E4.


My previous phone was an iphone SE so I feel like I’m carrying a tablet around now. (Moto E4)

This phone might fit your needs but it’s not shipping yet nor currently supported by RW

Thanks much for the info!

bummer. Thanks for the info!

Just to add some perspective @bstrom1953

I went from a flip-phone, to a DefyXT, to a X1, X2, MXP, with the screen size increasing each time. Every ‘new’ phone seemed huge, but then I got use to it.

Personally, I would have trouble going to a phone smaller than 5.2".

Just say’in. :slightly_smiling_face:

Bill, I agree with you that the Moto E4 is too big. My wife has been suffering with it for a week, after finally giving up on her Moto E1. But there’s really not much else out there - we had an Alcatel Onetouch Idol 4.7 but it’s screen cracked really easily and Alcatel loaded it up with horrible software a year ago. Sony is the only other source of good small phones, but they’re $400 or more. Good luck!

Thanks for the info!

Just now the Sony phones are not compatible with Republic

I too am looking for a smaller phone (under 5 inches) and I have big hands. My Nexus 6P fits in my front pant pocket but when I crouch down it feels like it’ll tear my pocket open. I’ll keep searching. My old iPhone 6 was the right size. Now very hard to find one with a good camera that is RW compatible.

Every time I see anything mentioning a smaller phone, I chime in. I’m hoping someday a manufacturer thinks there is a market for a small phone. Put me first in line please.


The Moto X1 is the perfect size for me. Is there anything new that is in that size range?


Here is a info packed table from Tips & Tricks that contains the sizes of all Supported Phones

Another vote for a small phone here…I would love another Moto X1 sized phone. Even my Moto G 3rd gen is too big… :frowning:

You’ll need to lobby the phone manufacturers. There are very few small phones available, and even fewer of them targeted toward the US market.


The Pixel 3 is actually gonna be the smallest phone I have had in years.

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