I need a tutorial on Republic Anywhere


Hi @jamesf.s8o57a,

Have you reviewed the FAQs?

Do you have specific questions?

i.e. how do I delete messages from the computer? Also archive Thanks


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Hi @jamesf.s8o57a https://forums.republicwireless.com/u/jamesf.s8o57a,

Have you reviewed the FAQs?

Republic Anywhere FAQs

What is Republic Anywhere? Republic Anywhere is a suite of apps that lets
you use your Republic phone number to send SMS (text) and MMS
(picture/group) messages from any of your compatible devices,…

Do you have specific questions? I can move this DM to a public post so some
of our members who have been using Anywhere a while can chime in and give
you tips, if you’d like.

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All of that should be in the link provided.

IAm totally LOST!!!

[quote=“jamesf.s8o57a, post:6, topic:10318, full:true”]
IAm totally LOST!!!
[/quote]You can use the message’s menu (3 vertical dots) to archive but are unable to delete messages via computer at this time.

Thank you, thank you.


Hi @jamesf.s8o57a,

I’m glad @williamo.vkbg0s was able to help you! It dawned on me as I was riding home this evening that I also should have pointed you to the video. It is good for getting oriented to use Anywhere on a computer.

It’s here: Republic Anywhere Support Video

Would it be possible to add @jamesf.s8o57a question to the FAQ? I have looked multiple times and do not see where it addresses the fact that you cannot Delete a message when using your computer.

I did, eventually, discover (on my own) that I could only do so from my phone … but it was also one of the first questions I had.


Hi @Graammm,

I’ll certainly make the request to our Documentation team Monday morning. Thank you for the suggestion!

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