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Bring your own phone, Republic says this model number SM-G935U which I assume the whole model number is SM-G935UZSAXAA??? according to Amazon.

because I Think I just messed up because it was 3AM and I got the “U” messed up with the “O” here SM-G9350 which I take it that model number isn’t compatible with Republic?


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Honestly, I’m not aware of an “O” version of the phone. Do you have a link to what you’ve purchased?


Maybe it was a zero? it’s from Amazon so, if you can’t open the link let me know!


I suppose the link would be useful lhttps://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MXDCZCM/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

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That shows as the International version in the link you gave. We do not support the International Unlocked version. It will not work.

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Sean is of course correct. That phone won’t work. It’s also not even the “standard” International Edition with is the SM-G935F It appears to me, after further research that this is the International Dual SIM version that was sold only in Hong Kong. Because of the limited release, I can’t even tell if it has all the necessary LTE bands to use it fully with other carriers in the US, but we can say for sure that it won’t work with Republic.

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WOW! Thanks everyone for the help. I guess I’m just better off buying it from Republic. I was taking a bath, fell a sleep and apparently my Moto X Pure decided it wanted to join me. I guess it was a hint that I needed an upgrade. I so do want that Moto Z2 Force but, the price!!!


Note, the Z2 Force wouldn’t work with Republic either!

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UGH!! Thanks for saving me a headache!

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Just to be clear, ONLY the phones listed here work with Republic: Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help

What you’ll find is that all of the phones are factory unlocked phones. The Z2 Force doesn’t come in a factory unlocked version which immediately disqualifies it from even being considered by Republic for support.

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