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I need to et a new phone. i still have my first republic phone a moto x gen 1. I am not a “phoney” and all these specs and features are meaningless to me. I’m a basic phone user. not a gamer etc. I am considering the moto x 4 or moto g5s plus. any help would be greatly appreciated.:dizzy_face:



Hi @patricks407:

If you’re a basic phone users, the Moto E series phones my be the choice too. They’re solid good phones that don’t have the higher end features and cost. I just got my wife the Moto E plus, which has a huge screen, huge battery (long life) but not as much power as the higher end phones.

You’ll find the G5 Plus is more powerful than your X1.

Any other specifics you’re after?

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The only reason I see for going for the Moto X4 is the NFC (Near Field Communication) which is mainly used for Android pay and some Bluetooth device will tap to and sync to the phone
If you don’t use this this feature I would recommed the Moto G5 Plus or Moto G5S Plus



In my opinion, the Moto G5S Plus offers the best value for the money. Like the X1 it is going to replace, you will probably keep it for a long time. It’s that good. Similar in performance to the high-end Moto Z Play, it costs quite a bit less. I think it would be a purchase you would be very happy with.



thanks for your help. i really appreciate it.


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