I need help with a billing question


I noticed on my bank account I was being billed twice for service. One being with one phone and the other for two phones. I logged in and found there was a number that I did not have that I was being billed for. Think this was created in the process of changing phones at one time or another. Now I still have an account with 2 phones and I am being billed correctly there, but cannot find those phone # or the account that they are attached. Again I think a new account was created when adding or change a phone at some time. My question is: how can I find that account?

Thank you

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Hi Judy,

You can access the account associated with your two active lines by signing in with the E-mail address that is based on your name and home internet provider.

If you need additional information to access that account, you’ll need to create a support ticket.


Seem I am having the same problem I had better than a year ago. I cannot find my account. I sign in with the info I have and I get into an account, but there are no phones listed. There is another account out there in my name. I cannot find it. Can you help me find my active account?

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