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Hi everyone, I am new at this site and need help. Which plan does give me the option of having access to the internet on the road? I am travlling and needb internet to access Skype or telegram. My phone is Moto G and currently on the $10 plan. I appreciate your help very much and thank you.

Go to the Republic app and choose a plan with data. Data is necessary to access the internet when you are on cell.

Your options depend on when you became a customer with Republic Wireless.

If you where a customer before July of 2015, then you have the option of either data plan 1.0 or 2.0. Otherwise you go on one of the 2.0 data plans.

With plan 1.0, you get up to 5 GB of cellular data and it’s available immediately as soon as you change your plan using the Republic app. Republic Wireless 1.0 & Beta Plans

With the 2.0 data plan, you pay more for cellular data, but unused cellular data is refunded to your account as a credit. The plan change is not immediate and happens at your next billing. Republic Wireless Plans 2.0: Republic Refund

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open the phone app and tap the little plus sign on the first page

  • if 1.0 you will tap change plans and then log in and tap your current plan to have the other plans options show up (if you tap the “announcement we have new plans for you” you will be signing up for a 2.0 plan that will only go in to effect on your billing cycle)
  • if already a 2.0 plan phone then you will have a change plan and and data
    • change plan will sign you up for a recurring monthly data
    • add data will give you a 1 time data add
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