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Can I take my unlocked Samsung S6 Republic Wireless Phone and move it off of the Sprint network onto Republic Wireless new T-moble network because I dont have any Sprint signal out side of my house?


You would have to negotiate with Republic’s Tech support folks to see if they can provision on the GSM carrier … this would need to be requested via a Ticket … see the Help link top right
As this particular phone is CDMA, see the responses below … some phones have radios for both carriers and the above information would be applicable for requesting a shift between them


the Samsung Galaxy S6 that Republic supports is a GSM only phone,it not possible for you to be on the CDMA partner (Sprint) it can only be used on the GSM partner (T-Mobile)


How long ago was it that Republic Wireless moved off of Sprint onto


Hi @williams.ml56fm,

Republic hasn’t moved off of Sprint. Wth the launch of Republic 3.0 in August 2016, Republic added a GSM network partner (whom you’ve correctly identified) as an option in addition to Sprint. You’ve identified your phone as Samsung’s Galaxy S6. If that’s accurate, @drm186 is correct that cellular network coverage would have to be provisioned with Republic’s GSM network partner rather than Sprint because your phone is hardware incompatible with Sprint’s network.

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