I need to change my plan on my phone can I go back to $10 after?

I currently have a $10 a month plan. I need to upgrade to a plan with the internet for an upcoming trip, when I want to go back to my original plan, will it go back to the $10 a month plan? Considering that plan is no longer offered, I must be grandfather

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Hi @jasonm.nwhgfu,

Short answer is yes. There are, however, two different $10 grandfathered plans. We could provide more specific guidance if we knew which one you had. To let us know, please open the Republic app and quote the words underneath your telephone number.

it says WiFi + Cell Talk + Text Plan

You are currently using Republic’s 1.0 grandfathered plan structure. You may switch among plans as outlined here: https://community.republicwireless.com/docs/DOC-2459-republic-wireless-10-beta-plans#jive_content_id_Change_the_plan_on_….

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thanks a bunch!

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