I need to make a payment and am told to update Credit Card I have and still can't make a payment

Need to a make a payment


Top right corner it says Accounts, login there. There should be a banner stating the CC needs updated. When you update the card and save it the payment due comes out almost in minutes. That’s all you need to do really to pay the bill.

Billing & Payments

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Were you able to successfully update the account information with the new CC information? Once information is entered the billing for service should occur automatically with no additional input from you. I encountered a similar situation when the expiration date changed for my CC. RW has us covered in many good ways.

I am currently having difficulty updating my CC info. The button to update info is present but when clicked, nothing happens. Also, “payment” is not an option (just profile, password, and pin). My account has been suspended due to credit card expiring. Would very much like to update CC and get my service turned back on. Already submitted a ticket and was given directions that do not apply, such as -click the payment button - after stating that it’s not working. I’m using Chrome and have cleared cache and cookies. The issue persists on the RW website and the app on the phone. Any other suggestions? Much appreciation.

So you are not seeing something like this under your account settings?

If not then try using a different browser (I use Chrome as well but who knows.).
If that does not work wait for more replies from support or let them know of your issue.


Is it possible, your phone was assigned as a secondary user and that a different email address is the one linked to the account owner’s credentials? What you describe is what one would see if this were the case. If I’m right, you’ll need to sign in using the account owner’s credentials to update the payment info.


Correct. This is what I see (attached). “Orders, payments, and returns” is
missing on the left side bar. When I click on account settings (which is
what the snapshot is of), clicking the “update credit card” button does
nothing and the only edits I can make are to my profile, password, and PIN.

It was suggested by another member that I consult my bank but not sure how
a payment can be pushed through when the only card on file has expired.
I’ll try it. It’s all I can do.

Thank you for your response,

I am the primary on the account. There are no other email addresses
associated with my account. The “orders, payments, and returns” option is
missing from my account management page (see attached) and I can only see
“profile, password, and pin” as editable options. However, thank you for
not referring me to the instructions to “click on the payment option” or
“click on the ‘update credit card’ button” because they are either missing
or not working.

Thank you

Hello @donnap.mqm0z2
that is the screen when you log in with an an assign phone email address, If this is your only log-in you will need a ticket to sort it out

Hey @donnap.mqm0z2, sorry you’re having trouble with this.

As @drm186 suggested, let’s get a ticket open with Support on this account issue. That will be the quickest path to resolution for this scenario.



Hi @donnap.mqm0z2,

I see that your ticket has been answered. The situation you are facing is something our Community will not be able to solve for you, but our support team will be able to work with you to get it straightened out, and can make sure that if you need additional time to get it straightened out, any delay does not result in cancellation.

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