I need to reactivate my Republic Wireless ASAP

I need to reactivate my Republic Wireless Moto X. Spectrum Mobile Transferred my number out but never activated on their phone. now I have no phone. how do I get my RW and # Back ASAP? Thanks in advance.

When I try to chat w/RW or open ticket I receive “Bad Gateway” message.

Issue Description

Hi @steveng.9bn0me,

I believe the bad gateway issue may be resolved. That said, we’re able to provide the same guidance for reactivating you’d get directly from staff.

Before going there, I’m concerned about “Transferred my number out but never activated on their phone.”. Would you be kind enough to plug your number in here: https://freecarrierlookup.com/? Please let us know what is said for carrier?

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Thank You

Spectrum Mobile uses Cellco Partnership dba Verizon Wireless - CA

number in questiion is■■■■

Hi @steveng.9bn0me

Yes, I understand Spectrum Mobile uses Verizon’s network to house numbers, I simply wanted to confirm your number has reached them.

You’ll first need to reactivate your phone with Republic obtaining a new number in the process: How to Activate a Cell Phone or SIM Card – Republic Help.

Once the phone is back up and running with Republic, you may arrange to transfer your number back from Verizon as described here: How to Transfer Your Number to Republic Wireless – Republic Help.

Out of curiosity, since your number appears to have reached them, does Spectrum Mobile have an explanation for it not making it to your phone with them?

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Thank You so very much “activation is complete”. you are genius and swift. Thanks

I had no way to contact Spectrum to ask them. The way I figure it there are 5 contract companies involved in duct taping together the Spectrum Mobile experience.

Thank you and All the best.


Generally, I try to avoid taking shots at Republic’s competitors but well said, sir!

You’re most welcome and welcome back!

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Hi, I got my # back a couple of hours ago Thank you. I can receive and reply text messages from my Google Voice account through Messenger as prior. but I cannot yet successfully send and receive texts to and from my mobile number. Any Clues? I can text my phone from my computer using google voice successfully. Thanks

All the Best


Hi @steveng.9bn0me,

I’m happy to hear you number has returned home to Republic! It can take up to 72 hours for all the back end routing to sort itself out for text messaging. For now, I advise patience.

Thanks for getting back to me good advice, thanks

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Welcome back @steveng.9bn0me!

When you decided to change services, was there something about your Repubic Wireless service that we need to look into solving?

No, I was happy but was fast-talked into a deal that was similar to RW. Only it wasn’t. Good to be back after my error in judgment on the Spectrum Verizon hassle which is a hodgepodge of 5 companies who don’t play well together.


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