I need to start fresh with creating my accounts


I understand that in order to use phones from republic wireless, we need to have a gmail account, correct? I started off (when I received my phone with RW) creating more accounts, passwords, etc. that I can manage and it has gotten too confusing to keep up with all of these…Is the account ID and password for logging into republic wireless different than the info we use to log into our account from our phone? I was trying to install app “drive safe and save” today and I am still not able to do it and it got too convoluted (passwords and emails now working, don’t match, etc.) Is it possible to have the same email, password and ID for log into phone and RW website to make it easier?
please share your experience and how you have done it and any suggestions…
thanks so much


I have a jump drive with this on it…




Just incase my mind wanders off farther than I like it to. I can’t remember all them and Lastpass helps too.


Hi @faribas.u7djlt

Most to all online services need a way to identify you vs everyone else. To do this, they tend to use a username / email with a password.

Republic Wireless uses an email with a password. This can be the mail email account you use.

In order to take advantage of all the features of the phone, you will need a Google account. It is not as well known but a Google account doesn’t necessarily mean a gMail account. You can set up a Google account with your main email elsewhere.

The same thing for the Drive Safe and Save program by State Farm.


Yes, you could use the same password for your phone and for RW or any other site, but for security reasons, I wouldn’t recommend it. You do have a couple of options, though.

  • You could use a password manager. (I use them.) There are several available. Just search for that.


  • You could stack your passwords. (I do this.) One example is using the 1st letter of words in a sentence that you would remember plus numbers. i.e. I like peanut butter cookies = ilpbc425

  • Now, you can add something site-specific. i.e. RW --> RWilpbc425

  • That part would change for each site, so you might write the pw for amazon as AMilpbc425.

  • You could even use letters from a ridiculous sentence. Carrots eat bologna in the winter = Cebitw (plus numbers)
    Remember all sites do not allow use of all the same special characters.

Get it? If you like both ideas, you could always stack and use a password manager. That’s what I do.

I hope this helped.


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